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Work experience: What I learned about (and loved) at Hatch

by Sofia Crabtree Avatar


  • Posted on Thursday 2nd December, 2021

This year sees us launch Fledglings, our brand-new work placement programme that is centered on generating opportunities to learn on the job through quality, firsthand experience. Our first official Fledgling, Sofia Crabtree, recently completed a one-month placement at Hatch and here she tells us what she loved about life at Hatch HQ.

I’ve just completed a fun and insightful four weeks at Hatch and, although I’m sad to be leaving, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the team and work with a group of extremely creative and talented individuals.

In September, I graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in Public Relations and Brand Communications. Since, I have been eager to get into the industry and learn more about the ever-changing world of PR. I had only ever done a few days in PR agencies in the past so getting the opportunity to work for a full four-week work experience with a company as brilliant as Hatch was one that I couldn’t miss. I have gained such a valuable and knowledgeable insight into what working in an agency is like and the day-to-day life of a Public Relations Account Executive. So, what did I get up to during my time at Hatch?

Arriving at the office, I was very nervous about how I was going to settle in but from the get-go everyone went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. I was introduced to the team and the accounts that I was going to be working on and then the fun began. From traditional PR to digital and social media, I got the chance to cover all specialist areas at Hatch. I even had the opportunity to see what amazing work the content team do – it was completely alien to me at the start, but it was fantastic to hear about their processes, work and successes.

Writing for different clients has given me the chance to understand the brands I enjoy working with, which styles of writing I prefer, and I have also learnt the importance of adapting the tone of the piece depending on brand personality. The team were great at giving me feedback on the work I completed, making sure that not only did I know what they had changed but why they had done it, which has really helped my writing my improve. I was given so many useful tips and tricks to help me with my writing and structure, which I will continue to use on my journey in PR. I even got my first piece of coverage which featured in four media publications (yay!).

And of course, no PR placement is complete without brainstorms! Although daunting and scary at first, I ended up really enjoying them. Speaking in front of the whole team seemed impossible at the start; too nervous to put any ideas forward as I didn’t want to sound silly. After encouragement from everyone, I was contributing in no time. It was a great insight into how other people’s imaginations worked and there were some brilliant, crazy and imaginative ideas, which really demonstrated how talented and creative the team are.

My time at Hatch has been an amazing, valuable experience which I am so grateful for. For anyone looking to take their first steps in PR, social, content and much more, I’d definitely recommend being a Fledgling!

Since writing this blog (and flying the nest), Sofia has joined us as a full-time Hatchling and Graduate Account Executive. 

If you want to enquire about a work placement, please get in touch! Drop us an email at workexperience@hatchpr.co.uk.