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Supermarket Sweep: Food Trends for Brands

by Tom Hemingway Avatar


  • Posted on Wednesday 1st March, 2017

With a foodie office like ours, you are never far away from a discussion on the latest food trends, fads, diets (I once heard of someone loosing 14 stone in a day) and the coolest places to eat and drink.

It’s an exciting time for the food industry – as well as a slightly un-nerving one in the wake of Article 50 being triggered, but it’s the way we eat, order, both at home, in the office and out and about that has been changing for some time.

Battle of the Supermarkets

The battle of the supermarkets still rages on with the likes of Iceland and Waitrose bagging some of the top slots in the annual poll by consumer group Which?  examining the supermarkets in store and 0nline offering.

Consumer satisfaction is still very much at the forefront of retailer’s minds – as ASDA focuses its efforts on simplifying its customer offer, improving availability and investing in price -which can only be good news for consumers shopping about for the best deal.

Innovations in food packaging and design and the way retailers deliver food are becoming smarter than ever. We have picked a few of our favourites below:

Pizza by Drone?

Buying a pizza from the store tonight – well why not order one by Drone. Well you can if you move to New Zealand – a Domino’s delivery from a Drone named ‘Dru’. Domino’s claimed that it was the first ever unmanned aircraft to carry out a pizza delivery successfully. That’s one way to beat the traffic and Deliveroo at the same time!

Amazon Go

If you are a prolific Amazon user like our MD Jason, then this one is for you! The online retailer Amazon are trialling a bricks and mortar proposition with its ‘Amazon Go’ store – shoppers can walk in and choose what food and drink they want and just walk out and everything is linked to your smartphone.

Self-scan checkouts seemed like breakthrough enough over the last few years – but Amazon Go takes it to an all new level (even if only Amazon employees can use the store at the minute). But how will they fare against the supermarket big boys?

VR Packaging

Food and drink brands have even started to add on Virtual Reality experiences with headset embedded packaging. Creative packaging is one way to try and entice customers to buy more and create shelf standout in supermarkets – the likes of BirchBox and CocaCola creating exclusive VR experiences through their packaging is neat!

In my opinion ensuring shelf stand out for brands is key, with so many products and choices for consumers – creating something different and unique and a brand that really engages with consumers with a compelling story to tell, will only help them to put their product into consumers shopping baskets!