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  • Posted on Thursday 18th July, 2013

On the 7th July, Andy Murray broke the 77-year streak of British (males’) bad luck and won Wimbledon. With numerous (and lucrative!) sponsorship deals already in place and the shrewd Simon Fuller handling all negotiations, there is speculation about further sponsorship deals which are rumoured to double his off-court earnings. So, instead, we’re going to look at seven non-Murray-sponsoring brands that got in on the Wimbledon action:

1)    Top of the chart has to be Morrisons changing the name of their Wimbledon branch to ‘Murrisons’ in late June and then undergoing a further re-brand to ‘Murriwins’ after Murray’s triumph. Simple and loads of social media sharing.

2)    Back in Andy’s hometown of Dunblane, Murry Mania made everyone, well, a little bit mad. So much so that the local butchers started putting strawberries in their sausages! Stewart McClymont of Bennetts Butchers came up with the unusual concoction of strawberry and sweet chilli sausages in order to support the local lad in the tennis competition. We’re not too sure how the sales went but we like the creativity and it got them a fair amount of media coverage.

3)    Seven-time champion (yes, we found another seven-related thing to include!), Roger Federer, got the ‘orange card’ at Wimbledon for his special edition Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 trainers. Although the Wimbledon officials banned them as violation of the all-white dress code, not being too impressed by their bright orange sole, there was quite a bit of media coverage about the whole situation and those who get their ‘kicks’ from ‘kicks’ are obviously desperate for a pair of the offending shoes.

4)    Victoria Beckham was at the final (and her husband’s lucky number is seven!) both in person and in name. Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s girlfriend, was wearing a Victoria Beckham dress at the match which then instantly sold out. Whether it was a gift from Posh Spice herself or Kim’s own great taste, it looks like Kim could be standing in for Kate Middleton’s maternity leave as the UK’s style icon.

5)    Towards the bottom half of our list is Tesco, because they didn’t actually have to do much to get that 20% spike in strawberry sales on days that Murray was playing. Nonetheless, we congratulate them on their strategically-placed strawberries. In-store that is (Yummy).

6)    All publicity is good publicity? A newspaper like the New York Times shouldn’t be making a faux pas like they did, which makes us question its innocence. On 8 July, the front page of the sporting section mistakenly described Andy Murray as English. Although it was quickly rectified, Twitter and numerous publications on this side of The Pond took the opportunity to have a rant.

7)    A little non-specific, but our last choice is all the celebrities and politicians who took time out of their demanding lives to make an appearance at one of the matches. We know they’re all massive fans of tennis and it has nothing to do with the fact they’d almost definitely feature in one publication or another for showing their face. Not as dumb as they look.