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by Tom Hemingway Avatar


  • Posted on Wednesday 14th October, 2015

Who’s the freshest PR consultancy in all the land? We were last Thursday night, but not so much on Friday morning!

After a day of bobbing heads in rollers, no makeup and fake tan, (and that was just the boys!) the Hatchling’s evening started with a taxi ride across the Pennines, nicely accompanied by miniature Proseccos (thanks Jason) and music that fitted Natalie’s preference of “No BBC radio’s unless it is BBC Radio 1”.

Greeted with make your own shots, we made our way into the Fresh Awards reception in the heart of Manchester, eagerly awaiting the results. We could see posh Bangers and Mash on the menu, so if we didn’t get anything, at least we would have enjoyed our grub!

After the courteous clapping was done and out of the way, we won not one, but TWO awards! A silver for “Freshest Community Relations” for launching Yorkshire Building Society’s 150th anniversary, along with a mighty GOLD win for the Freshest Consultancy Team 2015, yes we will say it again, THE FRESHEST CONSULTANCY TEAM, for being the irreplaceable ‘Family Hatch’.

So that’s phase one of the award season done and dusted, next on our schedule is the 2015 CIPR PRide Awards and we are nominated for four awards! Fingers Crossed!