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  • Posted on Tuesday 2nd February, 2016

This our moment, this is our perfect moment.

Thanks for those supportive words, Martine. You were fantastic in Love Actually. We’ve been shortlisted for some PR Moment awards, it’s great news, I imagine this is how Tom Hanks must have felt when he got nominated for ‘Best Kiss’ at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards.

After a super successful time at FRESH and a wonderful evening at the CIPR awards, it’s time for us to blow our own trumpet once again. Never understood that phrase, of course you blow your own trumpet. If my 11 consecutive summers at Band Camp taught me anything, it’s that you generally blow your own instrument, otherwise Green Sleeves just comes out like a big brass mess.

We’ve been nominated for four PR Moment awards, considering we only entered four, that’s an impressive success ratio, 100% by my maths.

Our work alongside the NHS and LTHT has earned three nominations, Consumer PR Campaign of the Year, Healthcare Campaign of the Year and Public Sector Campaign of the Year. Our ‘Be a Hero’ campaign encouraged people across the region to sign up to the donor register and discuss their decision with family members, with case studies and the campaign messaging reaching national print and broadcast media, ‘Be a Hero’ has helped to prompt an unprecedented increase in sign-ups within the target area.

Given that the campaign is actively helping to save lives, I don’t care if you’re a fellow nominee, if you don’t want this campaign to win ALL of the awards, take a long hard look at yourself. Heartless, the lot of you.

We’re also up for Small Agency of the Year, another fine nomination, recognising all of our great work, and reaffirming that my hairstyle and fashion choices are award-worthy. That being said, other people in the office also work here, so in some small way, are partially responsible for yet another ‘agency of the year’ nomination.

On a semi-serious note, it’s wonderful to be nominated for these awards, we look forward to another evening of posh frocks, dinner suits and throwing shade at anybody who pips us to an award. However, I am most proud of my colleagues’ ability to stay within the word count. If Darth Vader paid as much attention to the Death Star blueprints as PR Award judges pay to the word count, he definitely wouldn’t have left that little hole for Skyrunner, Princess Lisa, Han Sulu and the Space Yeti to attack.