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  • Posted on Wednesday 3rd August, 2022

By now, you’ve probably heard of TikTok. The app has taken the world by storm, moving on from the age of communication and interaction to create a platform for audiences to consume and participate in by creating short-form videos.

Often branded as “an app for children”, many brands are missing out on a highly desirable and sometimes allusive audience base by not being present on the most downloaded app of 2021, as only 25% of users are in the lowest age category of 10-19 years old.

That leaves 75% of users in the remaining age demographics with a wide range of interests, with the average user opening the app 19 times per day and spending around 89 minutes per day on the application. With 732 million users worldwide, your brands should be utilising the app to connect with new audiences.

So why should brands use TikTok?

TikTok makes it easier than ever to promote a brand and its products, with branded hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt contributing to products flying off the shelves. From summer dresses and beauty products, to fidget spinners and head massagers, TikTok is the platform brands need to boost their sales and brand awareness.

Take the iconic little mochi ice cream balls Little Moons. 15,000 Little Moons-themed TikTok videos all created organically by users across the globe contributed to their sales skyrocketing by 2,000%. Labelled as the UK’s must-have food of 2021, a wide range of media publications covered the sell-out mochi ice cream, reaching an even wider demographic. This wouldn’t have been possible without the app.

How can TikTok be used in PR?

The limits are endless on TikTok. From boosting content-focused campaigns and weaving in campaign narrative with branded hashtags, to jumping on reactive sounds and news hooks trending on the app, TikTok provides an array of opportunities for brands to shout about their products and services, leading to viral hits overnight.

A great example of successfully using TikTok to maximise a campaign is Purplebricks’ 25-second virtual house tour campaign, which encouraged homeowners to list their property on TikTok to help them sell their home fast and allowing users to find their dream home in an instant. The campaign received over 150 pieces of coverage in key media titles, whilst increasing social traffic week-on-week within the launch period.

Another personal favourite is Netflix’s use of promoting Tiger King 2, where they created their own TikTok ‘opera’ to create a strong news moment, stirring up debate by positioning a quirky documentary in the realms of the opera world. Collaborating with popular influencers on the app to create a tongue-in-cheek opera song, the campaign resulted in national coverage across key media publications, successfully causing a stir to get people talking, matching the dramatic nature of the show.

Here at Hatch, we worked with Rugby League World Cup 2021 to launch the tournament’s TikTok channel and devise a content strategy to reach a fresh audience on a new social channel.

The content output was focused around utilsing archive footage from previous men’s, women’s and wheelchair tournaments to showcase the fantastic sport, as well as tapping into trends to ensure RLWC2021 were reaching relevant audiences and that content was featuring in the For You feed to increase discovery of the tournament.

Within 10 months of launch the channel had secured 1 million video views and achieved an average engagement rate of over 8%, as well as securing the coveted verified blue tick.

So there you have it. A quick rundown of why TikTok is the new and exciting app for PR’s to utilise to boost brand awareness, and collaborate with a new range of content creators to maximise results.

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