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PhD Nutrition

PR Value of Coverage

To bring in sponsorship opportunities for PhD

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  • For one year, the PR value of coverage was over £8million with over 41 million opportunities to see
  • ROI: 110:1


The Challenge

To promote the brand across men’s fitness, sport and lifestyle media.

To bring in sponsorship opportunities.

To launch new products to the market.

To match Maximuscle and My Protein from a PR perspective – PhD didn’t have the budget to compete from a advertising perspective.

Our Solution

Managed to negotiate a two-year sponsorship with Harlequins RUFC.

Successfully launched the VMX2 product using the Harlequins partnership as the main driver.

Completed a “Next Level Gym Tour” where over 3,000 people took part in the Altitude Challenge.

Journalist Altitude Challenge was organised with 30 journalists taking part.

Created a “Face of the Ad” promotion with FHM.