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Paint the TV Gold in honour of BBC’s London 2012 Coverage

by Jason Madeley Jason Madeley


  • Posted on Tuesday 25th September, 2012

I really enjoyed the Nolan Partners Sport Industry Breakfast with Barbara Slater, Director of Sport for the BBC, today.

Barbara’s inside account of the strategy and delivery just shows how the BBC’s move to Salford is not all above disgruntled staff not wanting to experience Manchester’s alleged extra rain, but a digital and technological broadcasting revolution.

The BBC’s ability to transmit every minute of the London 2012 games on TV and online was, in part, due to the digital investment in Salford.

Watching the mood recap film at the Bloomberg event, no one could argue that BBC’s coverage was anything less than outstanding.

Barbara put this down to a never miss a moment ethos and the fact that, due to technology, the red button viewer could be the editor and watch what they wanted, when and on what screen.

Although TV is still the main delivery vehicle, millions watched the games on mobiles, PCs and iPads.  Figures for our beloved screens varied in the day with mobile peaking in the morning and early evening, with iPads being used on a night, perhaps alongside the traditional TV.

Interestingly the BBC did not use social media as prime vehicle to engage the audience (bar the presenter feeds of course!), but for the first time at a major event, did hire a social media editor.  The role was interestingly to monitor feeds and gather interesting content e.g. from athlete’s Twitter feeds for use to enhance broadcast content.

So, what does all this mean for the sports marketeer?  Digital viewing and conversation is here and with the current birth of smart online TVs, millions of iPads and mobiles, we are all going to consume even more sport content.

In a world of increasing fragmented media options, the key element for the rights holder for sponsorship activation is to increasing cut through. I myself will watch TV and use the iPad at the same time (amazing I know).  The trick for the sponsor/marketeer is to gain attention and engage.  For that we need to work even harder to integrate PR, events and social, to create campaigns that resonate with fans love of sport.

The BBC’s reach and skill is incredible but leverage is key if you are a sponsor or an association determined to deliver a lasting legacy for our Golden Summer of Sport.


Image from Sports Industry – More details here