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  • Posted on Wednesday 15th June, 2016

The Hatchlings have a new nest, we’ve flown the coop, left the cage…

That’s it, I’m fresh out of bird puns.

After nearly nine years on the banks of the River Wharfe, we’ve left our beautiful converted mill and settled at another waterfront office in Leeds.

Now in the heart of Leeds Dock, the Hatch team are settling into life in the big city. For those travelling by train, they have the opportunity to take one of the more scenic routes through the city courtesy of Leeds Dock’s free water taxi. For others, the journey is a short walk, or a leisurely cycle, as many are aware, our fearless leader Jason has promised to cycle to and from work. The less said about that, the better…

Our new neighbours are barge-dwelling folk, I’ve not met any of them yet, but I assume they’re called Rosie or Jim. Thankfully, the plans to have a ‘creative zone’ upon a moored barge were shot-down for fear of becoming one of ‘those agencies’

Our move has started well, with two new client wins in our first week and we look forward to welcoming new and existing clients to our new home in the coming months.

I’ll have to wrap this up now, I’m in the market for a replica Viking helmet from the Royal Armouries and I’ve just seen a kid eyeing up the last one in the shop…