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Meet The Team: Jonjo Murphy

by Jonjo Murphy Jonjo Murphy


  • Posted on Tuesday 3rd September, 2019

The next Hatchling to be profiled in our Meet The Team feature is the second half of ‘The Murphy Brothers’… it’s Jonjo Murphy! Did you know that Jonjo has two incredible skills – firstly, he instantly knows how many letters are in a word; secondly, he can instantly say every word backwards. Call our London office to test him if you like… he loves being tested on it – 0203 829 8920.

Name: Jonjo Murphy

Job Role: Account Manager

Q. First things first – how do you like your eggs?

A. Boiled, nice and runny, with soldiers of course

Q. If you could invite three people to a dinner party, who would it be and why?

A. Jurgen Klopp, our leader and saviour. I’d just repeatedly thank him for all he’s done; Christopher Hitchens, if he were still alive. Majority of my worldview was formed by watching YouTube videos of him while I was at school; Ralph Fiennes, great actor and seems like a lovely bloke.

Q. What is the oddest possession you own?

A. I have a ukulele. I don’t think that’s particularly odd but then again, most people probably don’t own ukuleles.

Q. What has been your career highlight while working at Hatch?

A. In my as yet short time here, quizzing Jimmy Anderson a la Bamba Gascoigne from Mastermind was quite cool.

Q. What is your office nickname?

A. My brother calls me Tin. I may have another one that I don’t know about.

Q. Time to choose: White Rose or Red Rose?

A. Red rose. Lancashire roots.

Q. If you could only ever listen to one song again, which would it be?

A. Tarifa by Sharon van Etten

Q. What is your office snack of choice?

A. Custard cream

Q. Which brand would it be your dream to work with?

A. Paddy Power. Could get away with doing anything.

Q. You’re on a sinking ship with all the Hatchlings, and you only have the power to save one. Who do you choose?

A. I suppose I’d have to save Fergus. My mum would be quite upset if I chose anyone else.