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Meet the Team: Brett Cullen

by Brett Cullen Brett Cullen


  • Posted on Friday 6th December, 2019

It’s only fitting that for our December Meet the Team feature, you meet our very own Christmas elf, Brett…


Q. First things first – how do you like your eggs?

A. Definitely scrambled, and wet, little bit of parmesan and black pepper.


Q. If you could invite three people to a dinner party, who would it be and why?

A. I’ll probably regret these choices or change my mind next week; 1) Jack Nicholson – he must be on everyone’s list, surely? ; 2) Steven Spielberg – I’d like to find out more about how he creates his incredible movies; 3) Will Smith – I’ve always said he’s the coolest person around


Q. What is the oddest possession you own?

A. A Nickelback guitar pick


Q. What has been your career highlight while working at Hatch?

A. Appearing as an elf alongside Wagner


Q. What is your office nickname?

A. How long have you got? Biscuit Brett is probably the strongest


Q. Time to choose: White Rose or Red Rose?

A. Red Rose.


Q. If you could only ever listen to one song again, which would it be?

A. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer


Q. What is your office snack of choice?

A. Biscuits (any kind… except Oreo, it’s not a biscuit)


Q. Which brand would it be your dream to work with?

A. Nike


Q. You’re on a sinking ship with all the Hatchlings, and you only have the power to save one. Who do you choose?

A. Steven – the most honourable person.