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Meet the Team: Nathaniel Warnes

by Matt Peden Matt Peden


  • Posted on Thursday 23rd August, 2018

In the latest installment of our Meet The Team feature, we wanted to introduce the man who is brilliant at his job, but supports both Leeds United and Liverpool… how does that work? Please welcome, Nathaniel Warnes!

Name: Nathaniel Warnes

Job Role: Account Executive

Time at Hatch: 1 Year 7 months

Q. First things first – how do you like your eggs?

A. Fried and in a sandwich.

Q. If you could invite three people to a dinner party, who would it be and why?

A. Bob Mortimer, Steve Coogan and Stuart Lee. Three funny blokes. Would they get along? Probably not. 

Q. What is the oddest possession you own?

A. A string vest.

Q. What has been your career highlight while working at Hatch?

A. Pea factory visit during Greatest British Pea Week 2017. Probably more of a life highlight.

Q. What is your office nickname?

A. Don’t have one that I know of. Full name usually, I constantly feel like I’m in trouble.

Q. Time to choose: White Rose or Red Rose?

A. White, obviously.

Q. If you could only ever listen to one song again, which would it be?

A. Mykonos by Fleet Foxes.

Q. What is your office snack of choice?

A. I’m basically the office bin, so whatever’s going.

Q. Which brand would it be your dream to work with?

A. Hamilton’s Water Breaks

Q. You’re on a sinking ship with all the Hatchlings, and you only have the power to save one. Who do you choose?

A. Lucy.