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Meet the Team: Matt Peden

by Team Hatch Avatar


  • Posted on Friday 22nd June, 2018

Following the success of our first Meet the Team blog, we thought we’d keep riding the wave and bring you the highly anticipated ‘Director Edition’. Please welcome to the stage, MR MATT PEDEN!

Name: Matt Peden

Job Role: Director

Time at Hatch: 10 Years

Q. First things first – how do you like your eggs?

A. Made by someone else

Q. If you could invite three people to a dinner party, who would it be and why?

A. Martin-Luther King and the Dalai Lama. And Rory Bremner. Just ‘cos they could get a bit heavy those two and he would lighten things up – probably do impressions of them – and me!

Q. What is the oddest possession you own?

A. My cut down 29” Ping Anser Putter from 1992. It’s not odd, but I won’t throw it away despite not using it for 10 years. And I couldn’t think of anything else.

Q. What has been your career highlight while working at Hatch?

A. Flying out to Lisbon on the team plane with Manchester United.

Q. What is your office nickname?

A. Pedo.

Q. Time to choose: White Rose or Red Rose?

A. Red Rose. Ridiculous question.

Q. If you could only ever listen to one song again, which would it be?

A. Fools Gold by the Stone Roses.

Q. What is your office snack of choice?

A. White Magnum.

Q. Which brand would it be your dream to work with?

A. We already work with my dream brands. Send your CV to me, it’s really good here.

Q. You’re on a sinking ship with all the Hatchlings, and you only have the power to save one. Who do you choose?

A. Bianca, our office manager. She will book me a ticket home somehow.