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Meet the Team: Billy Morton

by Team Hatch Avatar


  • Posted on Friday 25th May, 2018

In our first installment of Meet the Team we asked the longest standing (non-director) member of the team a few of the questions that were on everyone’s lips.

Name: Billy Morton

Job Role: Account Manager

Time at Hatch: 4 years 2 months

Q. First things first – how do you like your eggs?

A. Properly. None of this runny, watery scrambled mess

Q. If you could invite three people to a dinner party, who would it be and why?

A. Nobody, who am I kidding? I’m never hosting a dinner party.

Q. What is the oddest possession you own?

A. I have Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book but I’d argue that isn’t an ‘odd’ possession. I own Sir Alan Sugar’s autobiography, I use it as a stand for my 1920’s vintage turning calendar.

Q. What has been your career highlight while working at Hatch?

A. I’ve made Rugby League stars play dress-up in the name of my weirder sponsorship activation ideas

Q. What is your office nickname?

A. The Golden God. It hasn’t taken off yet though.

Q. Time to choose: White Rose or Red Rose?

A. White.

Q. If you could only ever listen to one song again, which would it be?

A. Shakey Graves – Roll The Bones

Q. What is your office snack of choice?

A. Big fan of cashews, but I’ll eat anything anybody happens to bring in. Except cheese. F*ck cheese.

Q. Which brand would it be your dream to work with?

A. The NFL

Q. You’re on a sinking ship with all the Hatchlings, and you only have the power to save one. Who do you choose?

A. There is only one correct answer, and it’s Brett.