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Maximising digital to make your PR go further

by Victoria Tidmarsh Victoria Tidmarsh


  • Posted on Friday 16th October, 2020

Last month we hosted a session as part of this year’s Leeds Digital Festival, focusing on how digital and PR go hand-in-hand to create further-reaching and more impactful activity.

From insight to delivery, utilising what digital can offer us can take a good campaign and make it a great one, but more importantly it’s also an opportunity to show tangible, business-focused results – something traditional PR often struggles to do.

Our team consistently produces original, creative campaigns that get plenty of eyeballs on them, but for clients whose focus is on ecommerce or online engagement, we know we need to provide a more detailed view of ROI. Clients have bosses, too!

So, we don’t get the creative cogs whirring until we have all of the information available. Instead, we ask a lot of questions; who is the audience? Where do they ‘live’ online? How are people engaging with the website and what are they searching to get there? What’s the brand’s backlink profile like and what quick win opportunities are there? Among many others.

This helps guide our idea generation to ensure that not only are we developing something the media will love, but that we’ll also be able to prove the impact of our campaign on a much wider scale, and most importantly, from a commercial perspective.

Life was moving online anyway, but in the last 6 months online engagement has become the default for every demographic. Meaning now more than ever, brands need to have strong visibility in search alongside the ever-important awareness in the media.

I can’t give any more secrets away, so if you’re a brand looking for support with your online visibility and engagement, please get in touch at hello@hatchpr.co.uk.