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Iiit’s Christmas… in August

by Natalie Headlam Natalie Headlam


  • Posted on Thursday 20th December, 2018

Christmas in July August was a special occasion for our client, Spectrum brands. With three big brands to showcase, we organised a press and influencer day like no other, literally. For those not familiar with ‘Christmas in July’, it’s a time brands tell journalists from long-lead (monthly or more) magazines about the brilliant creations and products, just in time for Christmas editorial. We decided to be different and do it in August as journalists were less busy!

‘The Ultimate Penthouse Party’ represented three infamous household brands; Remington, George Foreman and Russell Hobbs. Why? To brag to journalists and bloggers alike about all the brilliant products they can quite rightly, brag about. Why the Penthouse? Because all three brands are home products, and what better place than to showcase the products than where they would normally be used?

Hatch scoped out the perfect Penthouse, just across the road from the British Museum, the decadent pad had boutique bedrooms and hallways, adorned with quirky art and stylish furniture. There was even a glass floored TV room above the kitchen, which was flooded with natural daylight. We called this the Remington ‘Man Cave’.

The Man Cave was set out with Remington’s newest tools for the sharpest men in town, including a retro handheld shaver which was inspired by Remington’s first ever product. In fact, they were first to design the electric shaver – you learn something new every day.

In the kitchen we had Russell Hobbs kettles and toasters and on the outdoor balcony we showcased the new addition to the George Foreman range – BBQs!

In two of the bedrooms we had the latest tongs, straighteners and hairdryers along with two fab stylists who made up our guests as they arrived. In another bedroom, we set up a laundry room with the latest One Temperature Iron – the thought of no temperature dial used to give me the heebie jeebies too, but it really does work well.

It was fun, other than the application of hundreds of vinyl stickers, a fight with a styling station mid-way through a staircase and a very hairy encounter with what looked like a very expensive and tremendously large piece of art. Plus, I think we probably burnt about 10,000 calories lugging all the boxes up the staircase.

The day was a roaring success and I’ll blow our own trumpet with the brilliant folks who came, from Good Housekeeping, Closer, Metro, Woman’s Weekly, Delicious, Shortlist, Glamour, OK! and GQ! We had some fantastic coverage hits as a result of the event including Stylist, Shortlist, Good Housekeeping and Ape to Gentleman!