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Pro Bono Project available to support efforts to help communities and businesses

by Helen Simpson Helen Simpson


  • Posted on Wednesday 1st April, 2020

Here at Hatch, we are in awe of all the brilliant work and actions being taken by individuals and businesses to keep our communities safe and well during the Covid-19 crisis. Our key workers saving lives, policing communities, producing food to feed our families, providing tools to educate our kids at home and charitable support for vulnerable people who need it – we appreciate everything these heroes are doing to keep us going!

That’s why we’re looking to offer our services free of charge to support small businesses, campaigns and charities in continuing the extraordinary work they’re doing to help others.

We are very proud to support our own clients who have adapted and innovated to bring their brands and other local businesses online with mail order delivery, as well as whole towns coming together to launch artisan delivery services to safeguard the high street and get local food to local people.

Therefore, we are looking for small businesses, campaigns and charities fighting the good fight who will benefit from our pro-bono services to enable them to successfully support and help more people and businesses during this challenging time.

Utilising our core offerings of PR, social media and creative campaigns, we will consult on tactics tailored to objectives – whether its fundraising or appealing for volunteers, promoting the positive impact they are having on the community, working with the media to generate widespread awareness, reaching and engaging new audiences through creative campaign ideas or strategic social media support, aimed at getting messages out in impactful wide-reaching ways.

We’d urge businesses to get in touch if you feel you can benefit from our support – while we would love to be in a position to support all great causes, we will be looking to select one new pro bono client initially, with agency support to take place between April – June 2020.

Please email us with the below information by 5pm on 15th April 2020.

Keep safe and look after one another,

The Hatchlings x

Please email probono@hatchpr.co.uk with:

  • Overview of your activity (your business, charity, campaign or project)
  • Who and how is it benefitting individuals, communities, businesses etc.?
  • Outline your objectives and how you feel you can benefit most from our support
  • Outline your biggest challenges