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Hatch Monthly Roundup – July

by Alex Halls Alex Halls


  • Posted on Friday 2nd August, 2019

We’re launching a new content series here at Hatch HQ to bring you some of the biggest stories from the world of PR, Social Media, Events and Sponsorship each and every month.

The Hatchlings will scour media outlets and the web for all the latest news and wrap them up a neat little bundle for you to catch up on.

So, to kick us off, here’s a look back at July, a month in which we went from potentially the hottest day we have ever seen in this country, to a torrential downpour at the drop of the hat! Only in the UK, right?

Instagram highlights mental health

Instagram is trialing some new features which aims to address the concerns raised about the app’s effect on users’ mental health and cut down on trolling.

Having extended its trial of “hidden likes” to more countries, including; Australia, Japan and Ireland in a bid to “remove pressure” on users. The social media giant has also taken its campaign further and launched a new anti-bullying tool which asks users “Are you sure you want to post this?” before posting a potentially hurtful comment.

It will be interesting to see what people think about these changes, and if anything comes out about the impact, or lack thereof, that these changes have had.

We’re skeptical about the motives behind this move and think it could just be another tactic to earn some extra revenue from Instagram, saying that, if it does end up having a positive impact on user’s mental health then it can only be a good thing.

Love Island is over, but the stories continue

A hot topic of conversation throughout July, Love Island finally came to an end this week, as it crowned its winners Greg and Amber. However, although our daily dose of action from the villa has come to an end, it’s certainly not the last we will see of this year’s contestants, with endorsement deals, TV appearances and a whole host of other opportunities heading their way.

Two interesting pieces came out on the back of this year’s show which focused on the social media popularity of the contestants and their perceived value. The cold-hearted sceptics among you, with a fair few of those sitting in this office, might argue that social media fame is high on the list of priorities for those heading into the villa, as it’s undeniable that it provides a hefty boost in numbers and potential revenue.

One company tracked the percentage increase of followers to work out who has done the best in terms of sheer growth from this year’s show, with Amber Gill coming out on top again, with a staggering increase of over 5000%. Another calculated how much they can expect to earn upon leaving the villa, with one contestant on course to earn up to £7,000 per post on Instagram. Anyone in the market for some charcoal toothpaste or detox teas?

The best of the rest…

As you well know, this industry is a busy one and we’d be going on forever if we went into detail on all the stories from the month. So, here’s the best of the rest for you to catch up on at your own leisure;

Netflix have released a documentary titled “The Great Hack” which focuses on the 2018, Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Instagram’s “no likes” model prompts people to question whether we have seen the beginning of the end for influencers and Barbie encourages women to reach for the stars – literally.

Finally, the inventor of the Retweet likened it to a “loaded weapon” and Facebook has announced it’s funding an AI mind-reading experiment – maybe not the best time to be announcing this as the murky goings on of the Cambridge Analytic Scandal are set to become part of the next must see documentary.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first instalment of our monthly roundup, check back again next month for more of the latest stories from the world of PR and Social Media.


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