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Hatch Monthly Roundup – January

by Niamh Boylan Niamh Boylan


  • Posted on Friday 5th February, 2021


Whilst the trials and tribulations of the last 12 months may still be looming over us, this author finds herself compelled to share the most glorious news: we are through yet another dark, wintry month! And if you look close enough, you will see spring emerging, phoenix-like from the ashes. 

But before one closes the door on January (and throws away the lock and key for that matter), it would be unjust to do so without highlighting some of the season’s most enchanting brand campaigns. Indeed, even during the somewhat unsteady start to 2021, agencies across the ‘ton have been working tirelessly to showcase their brands. And some have executed campaigns that even the Queen herself would be impressed by. 

But which brands have been the diamonds of the season? Well dear reader, I am here to uncover them. 


A Royal Rumble

There’s nothing this author loves more than a royal appointment. But it was to everyone’s surprise that BBC news legend Jennie Bond was appointed as the WWE Royal Rumble correspondent for this year’s wrestling pay-per-view. The news broke out last Thursday on Twitter, just days before the wrestling extravaganza, where we saw the presenter spilling the tea whilst sitting betwixt two candlesticks, in a stately home of course. A very regal affair indeed. 


Scandal Lovers Rejoice! 

Plant-based meat alternative company, This, caused quite a stir on social media this month with the launch of their fake lunch box, Surprise! The devious brand crafted a convincing recipe box composed of plant-based “chicken” and sent to a handful of influencers, asking them to review the so-called “meat”. To the joy of everyone watching, the influencers failed to realise that the chicken was not actually chicken, and their bashful reactions went viral online

It’s outstanding what one can do with a little Photoshop and a £400 #ad.


An Appreciation for the Arts

If asked to draw ‘ketchup,’ what would one draw? Well dear reader, that’s exactly what Heinz asked people all over the world this month, in an anonymous social experiment, conducted across five continents. The result? The people sketched Heinz Ketchup, of course. 

Showcasing the intuitive association that consumers have between ketchup and Heinz, the clever brand took advantage of its legendary status with this simple campaign, offering its consumers the chance to have their designs come to life, in print on actual Heinz bottle labels. A job well done. 


A Frosty Invitation

And finally, it would be scandalous not to mention Lapland’s ingenious bid for the Summer Olympics 2032. In an attempt to highlight the devastating effects of the climate crisis, the small Finnish town of Salla, fondly known as the “coldest town in the world,” has launched a plea to be the host of the next Summer Olympics, with a tongue-in-cheek promotional video.

The satirical campaign video, which features local residents commenting on how the snow is ‘melting’ and a heat-exhausted reindeer mascot, highlights just how drastic the impacts of global heating are on the Arctic – and in turn, the rest of the world. Salla may not win the bid for the 2032 Olympics, but they’ve certainly won over our hearts.


Yours truly, Lady Boylan 


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