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Hatch Monthly Round Up – September

by Charlotte Garston Charlotte Garston


  • Posted on Tuesday 8th October, 2019

Your monthly dose of the biggest stories in PR, Social, sponsorship and events from September are here.

This September we experienced an extended summer with heatwaves continuing across the UK, although as we sit staring out at what looks like rain that will never, ever end, that seems like a distant memory.

Here at Hatch HQ we are preparing for the big move with our office being renovated, we can’t wait to share it with you all when all the Hatchlings are back into their nest!


#EscapeTheClown to the safety of Burger King

Earlier this year we saw Burger King launch its ‘Burn That Ad’ campaign where customers were encouraged to burn rival fast food chains ads using Augmented Reality on their smart phones. Users could use the Burger King AR enabled app to point their camera at a McDonalds ad to produce a burning effect which went on the reveal a voucher to claim a free Whopper – who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch ey!

In September, we saw Burger King launch yet another AR based campaign that has reignited the feud with their arch rivals McDonalds. Marking the release of the latest IT film, geo targeting has been used to promote ads via social media inviting McDonald’s customers to open the Burger King app and #EscapeTheClown. The app cleverly calculates the best route to run from the clown to the safety of the nearest Burger King and encourages customers to never ‘trust a clown’.


Airbnb and Downton Abbey offer a once-in-a-lifetime sleepover

To celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated Downton Abbey film, Highclere Castle will be opening its doors for two lucky guests. For one night only on November 26, the guests will have the chance of being transported back in time and sleeping in the very castle where Downton Abbey is filmed.

Airbnb are offering the guests chance to sit down for dinner and drinks with Lady Carnarvon and her husband, learn about the history behind the castle before stopping over in the Castle. The following morning, guests will be treated to breakfast and guided tours of the extensive grounds.

Airbnb has hosted the listing of the castle on its website, meaning they can expect a flood of traffic over the coming weeks!


The best of the rest…

This month has certainly been a busy one, but then again when isn’t it! Here’s a few other highlights from September…

Instagram has banned miracle diet products from being promoted by celebrities and influencers whilst they have also come under further scrutiny for the impact of social media influencers on mental health. E.ON has placed a pair of 16ft lungs in the heart of London to highlight the increasing problem of air pollution and Old El Paso opened a pop up diner powered by conversation.

Finally, we saw Spotify launch a clever targeted campaign in major cities across the country with its ‘Listen Like You Used To’ campaigns and ASOS launched ‘Ovie Day’ to celebrate its new partnership with the ex-Love Island star, users could guess Ovie related words including ‘India’, ‘basketball’ and ‘eggs’ to name a few, in the promo code box to reveal a special discount! The launch gained significant social media coverage with people sharing the codes and tagging in the brand, clever work ASOS!

We hope you enjoyed this month’s roundup, be sure to come give us a visit next month for more of the latest stories from the world of PR, Social Media, Events and Sponsorship

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