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Hatch Monthly Round Up – January

by Holly Crosby Holly Crosby


  • Posted on Thursday 6th February, 2020

A trip to Buckingham Palace? 2020 couldn’t have started better for Hatch. The Rugby League World Cup 2021 team worked around the clock to launch the 2021 global tournament with the draw hosted at Buckingham Palace with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Dame Katherine Grainger and Jason Robinson OBE.  

Heading over from the palace to another London hot spot  a second January highlight for the team is the media event to launch the new Russell Hobbs K65 kettle. Hosted in The Seamus Heaney Library at The Bloomsbury hotel, journalists and influencers were introduced to the product and enjoyed a tea sommelier experience, baking demonstration and afternoon tea. 


That’s Eat-ertainment 

Crème Egg are stars of the screen this month with an absolutely cracking interactive online campaign. Introducing their very own Netflix dubbed ‘Eatertianment productions’ – a bespoke campaign platform whereby you can watch a variety of short films covering different genres, all with Creme Egg themed titles. From ‘The Gooru’ which is a series of mindfulness videos and a tongue-in-cheek ‘egg-rated’ series, to heart-warming romantic stories and thriller plots such as ‘the last delivery’ where you witness a gang of Crème Egg fans setting out on a expertly-executed mission to get the final batch of chocolate eggs.  

As part of the content series, there’s even ASMR style films which champion what makes eating a Crème Egg SO good, specifically focusing on the sensory experience with the audience encouraged to put in their headphones when witnessing the joy of the site, taste, touch, sound and smell of a Crème Egg. 

As a technique to develop video views into purchase, in order to unlock certain videos viewers have to take a snap of their Crème Egg and upload it via the ‘Eatertainment’ platform. There’s also an added incentive, with those who submit a picture being entered into a 10K prize draw. 

We love the engaging online platform that Crème Egg have built, combining story telling and comedy value to create an experience that consumers will remember! 


New year, new challenge 

To start the year Red Bull released a fun piece of content to encourage people to do something a little bit different if they’ve set fitness as their new year’s resolution. 

The impressive video content is filmed in an old school gym hall and it shows trial biker, Danny MacAskill, showcasing some insane skills on different apparatus.  

This campaign taps in to the usual ‘new year, new me’ craze but takes a different spin on it – recognising that people can often feel intimidated by going to the gym and so Red Bull creatively show that there are plenty of other ways to keep fit, inspiring viewers to think outside the box when it comes to exercise.  

Featured on the brand’s YouTube channel this piece of video content has racked up over five million views! It even includes bloopers at the end which everybody loves, and a campaign hub to get involved and drive web traffic. 


The best of the rest  

Have a scoop of this! Ben and Jerrys have partnered with Netflix to create a new flavor named ‘Netflix and Chill’d’. This is one product out of 17 that is non-dairy, showing that the brand has adapted to meet the needs of over half the world’s population who struggle to eat dairy. You can see a journalist making her own flavouhere. 

Various initiatives have launched to raise money to help Australia combat the bushfires – Lush have launched a koala soap to support causes for the wildlife impacted and Blink182 released a new line of merchandise dedicated to the cause. 

The BAFTA awards saw the debut of the world’s first 5G-enabled augmented reality dress, taking wearable technology to new levels on the red carpetThe latest Calsberg brand piece also featured an AR element. ‘The Last Statement’ t-shirts appeared blank to the naked eye but through a phone lense users could see a political message. 


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