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Hatch Monthly Round Up – February

by Elena Bunbury Avatar


  • Posted on Friday 5th March, 2021

Hey squirrel friends!

Welcome to this month’s roundup where we will be casting our eyes back over the tea spilled in February, by me, Elena, one of the newest hatchlings to have joined the flock.

From *whispered tones* H&M, to baked beans on Weetabix, this month has been a wild one. By the power vested in me…by me…, let us see who’s tucked to perfection, and whose tape is showing…

Racers, start your engines and may the best campaigns win…

First up, a visit to the workroom to see what has been going on at Hatch HQ. After the Roadmap announcement, sport is finally coming back into play and we have been filled with hope. From scrumming down with preparations for the Rugby League World Cup 2021, riding the waves with the North Yorkshire Water Park’s latest investment, to shooting top bins with Hisense and its partnership with Leeds United, we have been ensuring that there will be no striking out when fans can be safely welcomed back to events.

Now we all know that drag is not a contact sport and can make for some thirsty work, so in the world of food and drink, Hatch have been hard at work helping to push out this year’s World Class GB Studio sessions for Diageo via livestreams, helping to upskill bartenders digitally all from the comfort of their own home. Consider your thirst quenched.
Now, onto the main stage where we will be deciding the tops and bottoms of this month…Who has shown charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, and who let their inner saboteur get the better of them?

Condragulations are in order, getting the RuPeter badge this week is Weetabix who managed to send the internet into meltdown with a single image.


We know from the age old question of pineapple on pizza that 1) food is a protected characteristic on Twitter, and 2) people on Twitter like to tell you that you’re wrong, as many a drag queen has found out… Not only did the post gain huge interaction from the public, with some even accusing Weetabix of ‘warcrimes’, it also gained responses from brands such as: Nandos; GCHQ; Tinder; Lidl; Dominos; Specsavers and many more. It even prompted the NHS and Citizens Advice to issue their own health warning against eating the unique combination.

Marmite launched its latest flavour with some pretty punchy out-of-home advertising.

Whilst it’s a great concept, it has been snatched before both with an Adidas campaign and Bloom’s Jumbo Muffins. This stunt lends itself to being very shareable and communicates the products USP effectively, however Miss Corona has limited the amount of people being able to go and visit the billboards, although it’s reach online was huge – paving the way for some to question whether or not you even need to do the billboard in the first place, or just say you did and post the “evidence” online!

If this were in normal times, I am confident Marmite fans would have been going to visit the site and generate more of an organic buzz creating their own content. Unfortunately on this occasion, Marmite must sashay away and hope for high footfall soon.

Finally, just missing out on the top spot this month is H&M, after Ru declared “I don’t wanna see any f****** H&M.”, following Joe Black debuting a H&M pink crushed velvet number during RuRuVision. This could have been the end for the brand however, a personalised cake and a bouquet of flowers from H&M sent as a Valentines request to Joe Black, it was back on top, even receiving an apology from RuPaul. Drag Race is a topic that is trending week after week, so by not burying its head in the sand, and jumping back on the hashtag, the brand managed to turn it around. H&M, you can Bing Bang Bong to your hearts content once again.

Some other contestants that managed to be judged safe this month are:
• Disney, taking desk drops to a whole new level by naming literal stars after journalists to launch their new ‘Star’ streaming service.
• Oatly, with their ‘Help Dad’ website. Allowing children to get help converting their dads to the alternative milk way of life. Much like Bimini Bon-Boulash, you too can have the confidence to strut into the work room and announce “I’m vegan”.
• Finally, Barilla teamed up with Spotify to launch a pasta playlist to ensure your pasta can be cooked to perfection!

The tea has been spilt, the shade has been thrown and the library is now closed! Remember, if you can’t love your own campaigns, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else’s! Can I get an amen? Now, let the music play!

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