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Hatch Monthly Round Up – December

by Meriel Killeen Meriel Killeen


  • Posted on Thursday 9th January, 2020

December showed no signs of slowing down for the Hatchlings, who were busy at work creating incredible events in Manchester, London and even on a Match Day at Old Trafford. They also rounded up a year’s hard graft by christening the new Hatch HQ with a Christmas Do of epic proportions.

Alongside our Christmas dinners, the festive month also brought a plethora of campaigns to feast on, where gladiators slogged it out for the top spot in the most jam-packed advertising month of the year. Here are a few of our favourites…


Burger King vs McDonald’s – the feud continues…

 It was burger buns at dawn again this month for the two fast-food giants, as Burger King let customers in on a whopping big secret.

McDonald’s Big Mac, long-heralded the king pin of burgers, actually cowers in size next to Burger King’s Whopper, revealed by Burger King in a video of behind-the-scenes footage from every one of their 2019 campaigns, which featured a not-so-Big Mac hidden behind every Whopper burger. With McDonalds yet to respond it looks as if the old adage has been settled – size really does matter.


Innocent and Love Duncanly

 Continuing their incredible streak this year, Innocent Drinks once again partnered with Duncan from Blue, this time to take on one of the nation’s favourite festive flicks – Love Actually.

This wasn’t the first time we were seeing Richard Curtis’s iconic flashcard scene being spoofed, with some face-palm-inducing versions appearing from both the Labour and Conservative parties this month – but more on political PR later… The romantic scene was recreated with Duncan trying to convince an unimpressed Keira Knightley look-a-like that that this drink is ‘blue, actually’.

Another gold star for Innocent for continuing to milk their version of ‘The Dress’ in a funny and likeable way.


Uber gives a Christmas lift to NHS workers

With the NHS at the forefront of December election debates and over 400,000 NHS staff working on Christmas Day alone last year, Uber fought for their place on the nice list by offering anyone with an NHS email two £10 rides or two £10 meals on Uber Eats to ease the strain of the festive season.

Ex-junior doctor and best-selling author Adam Kay also got in on the action, partnering with Uber by leaving 1000 copies of his book ‘Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas’ in Ubers across London, Manchester and Birmingham.


The best of the rest…


G’Day from Kylie and Tourism Australia

The latest from Tourism Australia debuted in a coveted ad spot just ahead of the Queen’s Christmas Day speech. ‘Matesong’ opened on Australia’s biggest 5ft tall export, Kylie Minogue, addressing her audience from Sandringham… Australia.


Political Relations

And finally, the myriad of festive campaigns this year were interspersed with brands jumping on the noise of December’s general election. Scottish beer company BrewDog and fast-food aficionado Burger King both opted for Brexit bus-style advertising, with BrewDog offering a free pint for any voter who could show a polling-station selfie in a BrewDog bar. Amongst the other brands utilising the pre-Christmas political frenzy were Debenhams and Morrisons who reduced prices on their prosecco and party food to watch the election results roll in in style.


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