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Hatch Monthly Round-Up – April 2022

by Sofia Crabtree Avatar


  • Posted on Monday 9th May, 2022

April has been another busy month here at Hatch, with everyone preparing for Easter and getting ahead of the shorter working month due to not one, but TWO Bank Holidays. In other exciting news, the Hatch team has expanded yet again, welcoming three new members to the team – Tom Lord, Kate Hutchinson and Nina Rathbone!

There were a few internal Hatch events this month, starting with the all-important ‘Crisp Off’. Tensions were high as everyone voted for their ultimate favourite, but there could only be one overall winner, with Space Raiders snatching the top spot. We also successfully organised a clothes swap, bringing in old, unwanted clothes to exchange. Having walked away with two new outfits myself, it’s safe to say it was a success! Not only did everyone at Hatch gain a few new fashion pieces, we made sure to donate any leftover clothes to St Gemma’s Hospice.

We carried out lots of amazing projects throughout the month too, launching George Foreman’s Grill & Chill campaign, helping showcase The Survivor Puppet on the Yorkshire Coast and hosting a star studded cook-off for Hisense (keep your eyes peeled for that).

Anyway, that’s enough about us, here’s are a few of our favourite campaigns from April:


Ahead of Earth Day, sustainable good review platform, Wherefrom, released their very own pop anthem, with over 100 commonly used ‘green’ slogans incorporated as lyrics. In an aim to stop Greenwashing, they have copyrighted all the lyrics/slogans meaning that if anyone uses these phrases incorrectly, they can sue them. You can listen here on Spotify.

#DetoxYourFeed with the Dove Self-Esteem Project

In an aim to increase young people’s self-esteem, Dove revealed its #DetoxYourFeed campaign. The Dove Self-Esteem Project invited parents and teens to discuss toxic beauty advice on social media, highlighting the main issues with influencers on social media. The campaign is set to empower teens to define their own beauty standards by unfollowing any influencers or accounts that don’t make them feel good about themselves.

Check out the full campaign video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sF3iRZtkyAQ

New York City Climate Clock

Finally, another Earth Day campaign we loved was the ‘New York City Climate Clock.’ In an aim to urge governments and people in power to #ActInTime for the climate crisis, New York City’s famous climate clock swapped its countdown and instead opted for messages of support from the communities that have experienced climate disasters.

Taking a break from its normal countdown of progress towards reducing carbon emissions, environmental messages such as ‘100% Renewable Energy’ and ‘Plant- Rich Diet were displayed.’

Check out the before and after…

The best of the rest:

Here’s a few more that caught our attention in April. The city of Copenhagen rose its benches to highlight the rising sea levels, M&C Saatchi unveiled its women’s sport gallery and IKEA launched a flat pack chocolate bunny just in time for Easter!

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