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Fleeing the nest of education into agency life

by Olivia Price Avatar


  • Posted on Friday 20th August, 2021

At University, it’s all about building your skill set and knowledge for when you step into a real workplace. The knowledge I have learnt at University really set the foundations for me when starting at Hatch. But what is it actually like transitioning from education to work, and from studying PR to working in a dynamic PR agency?

Studying PR

I was lucky enough to study Public Relations at University and knew straight away that it was the course and career for me. Throughout many modules over the three years I spent studying, I learnt theoretically and practically to prepare me for life after University and the working world of PR. From digital PR to personal branding and current affairs to celebrity and the media, I definitely built a solid foundation of knowledge that helped me slot right into agency life at Hatch.

Transition time

Now this was the nerve wracking bit. You know you’ve got the knowledge and skills behind you to set you up for a perfect start in working life, but what will it actually be like once you get there? I had all the feels ahead of my first day at Hatch. So excited to get started, meet everyone, see the office and be introduced to my accounts and clients. But at the same time, I was nervous and apprehensive about if I was going to know enough, and if everything I had learnt was going to make sense to me in a working environment. Thank goodness it did, and within the first day I slotted right in and everything I had learnt came flooding back as I began working with my first clients at Hatch.

Agency life so far

Fast paced. Just those two words. I’m joking, but seriously, I don’t think University emphasised how busy agency life can be. It’s a good job I enjoy the fast paced life, but I was taken aback by how busy the team is all day long. I am absolutely loving every second so far of working at Hatch. Seeing how the skills and knowledge learnt at University is applied practically at Hatch is so rewarding after working so hard at University. There is so much that happens in one day, but I love it that way because no day is ever the same and you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.

The Flock at Hatch HQ

What I have learnt working in a PR agency that University doesn’t teach

Even though I believe University prepared me in the best way it could for life in an agency, there are certainly some things that just can’t be taught, and need to be learnt through hands-on experience in the working world of a PR agency.

Let’s start off with the obvious after the previous section; time management. I thought I had pretty good time management skills before starting at Hatch; I did pride myself upon this skill before I started working in an agency, but WOW. This skill has really stepped up a notch thanks to agency life. I quickly learnt to get myself a notepad and write a bit of a plan of action down each morning so I could manage my time throughout the days and weeks as effectively as I could.

It’s kind of expected, but I didn’t realise there would be so much to know when writing emails or releases within the agency. At University there were many workshops that taught the foundations, but when you’re firing out emails and releases left, right and centre, you’ve got to pick up the exact technique pretty quickly. The team at Hatch have taught me everything I need to know with the layout and protocol of emails and different types of releases so I can (almost) write them with my eyes closed now!

After being thrown straight into client meetings in my first couple of days at Hatch, I have definitely learnt more about the meeting etiquette, which comes with experience of being in the client meetings. As I have learnt more about my clients and gained confidence when working on the accounts, I have even started delivering reports and feedback to clients and can’t wait to gain more confidence when speaking about the work I have been doing in the agency for them.

Hatch HQ

Lastly, and in my opinion, most importantly (probably because I do this all the time), ask everyone as many questions as you want! I am definitely guilty of this, but I quickly learnt at Hatch that everyone is so supportive and willing to help, no matter how silly you think your question may be. Even though University teaches this from an education perspective, you don’t truly understand the team work behind a PR agency, and with this comes asking lots of questions to your team! Never be afraid to ask!

Agency life at Hatch so far has made me so excited for the future in Public Relations. After studying so hard for the past three years, finally being able to use my skills and knowledge practically at work has been so rewarding and exciting. So, to anyone who is nervous about starting your career after studying at University, it’s going to be daunting and you’re going to be pushed out of your comfort zone. But that’s how we all learn and improve, right? It’s so exciting, so enjoy every moment and soak up all the new experiences!

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