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Cupid is a Geordie: Blind Dates, Energy Drinks & the ultimate Wing-woman!

by Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson


  • Posted on Wednesday 27th March, 2019

Since it was the month of romance and all things red, in February the Boost Energy team created a social media campaign for the launch of its new Red Berry flavour around, yes you guessed it, love!

After being tasked with creating social buzz and awareness around the GB launch of Red Berry (Northern Ireland’s much-loved Boost flavour), Hatch developed the #RedHotDates campaign which would utilise both social media and influencer marketing.

The concept? Film a series of blind dates, three to be exact, with one big, Geordie twist – Vicky Pattison!

So, how did it work? After running ads through popular dating app Tinder and Boost’s own social channels, we tempted hopeful singles with the prospect of an all-expenses paid blind date in the hope of finding love. Hundreds of applicants later, we then put our matchmaking skills to the test; pairing three couples based on their common interests and personality.

The team then headed to Manchester where our daters were filmed enjoying a blind date over a three-course meal in a luxurious restaurant. However, unbeknown to their respective date, one person in each couple was actually a ‘Red Hot Dater’. They wore a secret earpiece through which Vicky, who was hidden backstage, guided them through the date with the help of her famous Geordie banter! Vicky then surprised the dates by serving them dessert which generated a mixture of reactions…

True to form, Vicky’s involvement spiced up the dates and gave us slut drops, barking zebras (we’re not sure either) and one very brilliantly awkward reveal that will make you cringe– all in all, it was social media gold!

Three teasers were produced to whet the audiences’ appetite followed by three long-form episodes shared across Boost Energy’s social media channels, with Vicky herself also promoting the campaign on her Instagram – overall the campaign generated 441,489 views and a reach of 3.8 million.

We think it’s fair to say that the months of hard work paid off and, as well as the campaign being a huge success in creating a buzz, awareness and sales, we had so much fun working with the Geordie Queen herself and playing cupid! All that’s left to say now is, Vicky, you’re a ledge. Oh, and go grab yourself a can of Red Berry at your local shop!

Watch the full #RedHotDates episodes on Boost Drinks’ YouTube channel.