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Chill Factore

Increase in Lessons
Articles Achieved

Chill Factore Guaranteed to Ski

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  • 30 articles achieved (exceeding 15 target KPI), including 15 national newspaper/magazine articles
  • Lessons increased by 756 compared with the previous year
  • The total opportunities to see was 28,972,290


The Challenge

Chill Factore, the premier snow attraction in the North, briefed Hatch to launch its ‘Guaranteed to Ski’ (GTS) campaign, a peak season offer encouraging novice skiers and snowboarders to get ‘slope ready’ in just a day.

Our Solution

Hatch delivered a full scale media relations campaign and charm offensive to launch GTS to press and influencers. The campaign was multi-facited with a number of news angles delivered to drive momentum and ongoing interest.

These included media challenges, news features, sport and fitness content and compelling stats.

We commissioned research to highlight the health benefits of skiing and snowboarding to tactically tap into the January ‘New Year, New You’ fitness agenda.

Working with a celebrity snowboarder, we created further content to support the health angle with top tips from the athlete.