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Hatch Monthly Roundup July

And just like that, we’re more than half way through 2022. 

July was a record breaking month for the Hatchlings, and we’re not just talking about the sweltering 40 degree...

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PR and TikTok

By now, you’ve probably heard of TikTok. The app has taken the world by storm, moving on from the age of communication and interaction to create a platform for...

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Hatch Monthly Roundup – June

June’s been another crazy month – we’ve seen one of the Hatchlings get married and another get engaged! We also picked up our paddles and took part in Leeds...

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Father’s Day for the Fatherless

I never imagined that at 24, the topic of Father’s Day would cause me such distress. It serves as a constant reminder for the pain I have felt since...

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Hatch Monthly Roundup – May

It wasn’t quite the “AGUEROOOOOO” moment of 2012, however there was no escaping just how dramatic the final day of the 2021/22 Premier League campaign proved to be as...

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Hatch Monthly Round-Up – April 2022

April has been another busy month here at Hatch, with everyone preparing for Easter and getting ahead of the shorter working month due to not one, but TWO Bank...

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Thought Leadership’s Place Within PR

Thought leadership is a phrase often used within the PR industry. But what does it actually mean?

How do you become a thought leader, and why do you want to...

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Hatch Monthly Round-Up – February 2022

Sometimes February feels like it will last forever… But time Marches on.

At Hatch, the turbulent weather wasn’t enough to stop us with an action-packed month, and we even added...

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Hatch Monthly Round Up – October 2021

And there we have it – October has gone by in an instant! There’s no wonder when it’s been a hectic month, yet again. October saw the clocks go...

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Leeds Digital Festival 2021 Digital PR: What, Why and How

We were so excited to be back as part of this year’s Leeds Digital Festival line-up, this time with a crash course on what Digital PR is, why a...

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Hatch Monthly Round Up – September 2021

From London Fashion Week to the Met Gala, September has made us all fashion experts. Even Dave down the pub was channeling Ann Wintour with his hot take on...

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Hatch Monthly Round Up – March

In March, we marked the anniversary of the first UK wide lockdown and for many of us, a whole year of working from home. Outside of ‘you’re on mute’...

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