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The Power of the Pizza Pilgrim – a slice of influencer, with a sprinkle of public outrage.

A review can make or break a food business. It can be the thing that propels restaurants to the top of the places to visit listings, or it can...

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Say Cheese Hatch Launches Yorkshire Cheddar

We’ve recently had the pleasure of launching the newest (and potentially, biggest!) addition to the Wensleydale Creamery’s delicious dairy portfolio. We all know and love Yorkshire Wensleydale – creamy,...

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Time to consider the conscious consumer

Vegan products and lifestyle used to be a niche market whereas now it has very much become part of mainstream thinking. This is no surprise with the growing number...

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It’s been a busy, exciting couple of months for Hatch. We’ve parted ways with our London base in Farringdon and headed to a new nest in Spitalfields. Kate Williams,...

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Supermarket Sweep: Food Trends for Brands

With a foodie office like ours, you are never far away from a discussion on the latest food trends, fads, diets (I once heard of someone loosing 14 stone...

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