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BBQ and cider – what could be finer?

by James Hickman James Hickman


  • Posted on Monday 28th July, 2014

They say that business and pleasure are separate entities and never the twain shall meet; you can certainly try and adhere to such a sentiment when a client has their consumer launch at a festival. But when the strapline is ‘Meat. Music. Mayhem.’ I challenge you not to experience something resembling pleasure, it is an impossible and futile endeavour. Sure, a vegetarian won’t find satisfaction in the meat, but they’ve still got copious amounts of music, mayhem and Lazy Jack’s to keep them entertained.

As a carnivorous young man, Grillstock Festival in Bristol was a perfect destination for myself but an even more apt event for the consumer launch of our new client, Halewood International brand Lazy Jack’s, a new American style, cloudy cider.

After the Hatchlings searched for the perfect person to front the launch, there was a unanimous decision that the all-round American hero DJ BBQ was the best man for the job. He created some beautiful BBQ dishes using the sweet, alternative taste of Lazy Jack’s cider. Hatch, Lazy Jack’s and DJ BBQ then hit the road, taking his pork, burgers and grill to the fine folk of Bristol.

With the help of Lazy Jack’s brand ambassador, renowned American DJ and master of all things meat and music DJ BBQ, the weekend lived up to its strapline. Equipped with a smoker the size of a small country, DJ BBQ sold out of his famous pulled pork and burgers on both days of the festivities. After showing the pulled pork some slow n’ low love for over 16 hours, his food flew off the shelf faster than you can say the three m’s, ‘Meat. Music. Mayhem.’

DJ BBQ was joined by competition winners from the Daily Star and Bristol Post, who had won the opportunity to cook with the man himself courtesy of Lazy Jack’s. With the Lazy Jack’s bar just next door, featuring a classic Lincoln Continental, this all-American, laid-back area of the festival had huge footfall throughout the day, with non-stop queues being served by the Lazy Jack’s crew, dressed to the nines in Lazy Jack’s caps and cowboy hats.

Selling over 11,000 bottles across the weekend, Lazy Jack’s was well received and provided much-needed refreshment to many a festival-goer. The people of the west-country are some of the harshest cider critics in the UK, so Grillstock Bristol was the perfect place to gauge public opinion of the new brand, and it delivered.

Lazy Jack’s also supported the competitive element of the festival with their sponsorship of the prestigious Pulled Pork award. The ‘BBQ Fanatics’ were awarded first place by the panel of esteemed BBQ dignitaries. Winning enough Lazy Jack’s to see them through a summer’s afternoon and £250 cash.

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