We’re recruiting!

By James Hickman

15 March 2013

So this is it. The end of an era. University is over. Well done you.

You’ve made some amazing friends, been drunk more times than the cast of Geordie Shore and have an eclectic selection of beer stained fancy dress attire.

However, you are now waking every morning in a cold, alcohol fused sweat, gripped with the sad realisation that for the next 40 + years you’ll be a slave to the modern wage, with your crappy weekends your only escape.

Sadly, it’s now time to start paying back your parents/student loan/landlord/bank/bar tab by getting yourself a real job.

You’ve trawled the pages of PR Week and The Drum, and maybe even dropped in on the CIPR website, looking in vain for that dream job. But you’ve begun to notice a worrying similarity in all job ads. Too often have you seen the words, dedicated, passionate and talented individual, who’s willing to hit the ground running. Blah, boring words, blah, low wages, blah.

You have those in abundance, we know that, that’s why you went to Uni, studied PR and did a year’s placement!

You deserve more!

Luckily for you, Hatch are recruiting. Yes, you heard right, HATCH ARE RECRUITING.


Of course we want someone with all those crappy recruitment job ad buzz words, but we are also looking for someone who’s a bit special, not an X Factor special or Big Brother Special* (*read stupid). Hatch special.  We want someone who wants to make the next 40 years of their career fun and enjoyable. Someone who is willing to go all out to get the job done. A candidate who can name (and has attempted to complete) all pubs on the Otley Run. We want someone who takes pride in their career, wants to work with a varied selection of clients and who wants to become part of an incredible team.

Think that’s you?

It is?


Get your CV sent (in any format you seem fit) along with a brief introduction (I’m not talking dull cover letter here – entertain us) to