Top Five PR Stunts during 2012…

By James Hickman

30 October 2012

The PR industry is a very fast paced and dynamic world, even more so with all the new online developments in apps and social media, therefore it’s important to understand how to make an impact in the overcrowded media marketplace.

PR stunts offer the chance to do just this and explode a brand, product or message into the spotlight by shocking, surprising and/or entertaining a worldwide audience.

Here are some of the genius PR stunts that have inspired the Hatch team during 2012, providing a taster of the creative industry we are immersed in (and perhaps a hint at our Christmas wish list!):


1. Team GB Personalised Dairy Milk

As the media started to speculate about post-Olympic blues, what could possibly cheer up the UK’s top athletes and medal winners? Chocolate of course! They are human after all. So the clever PR guys over at Cadbury’s decided to personalise some 1kg bars of Dairy Milk with their names and send them to Team GB in an effort to counteract the endorphin drop.

Athletes were happy, posted pictures of their freebie and their growing list of Twitter followers were made aware of Cadbury’s confectionary generosity. Simple, cost-effective and achieving high levels of awareness on the social channels, this was a masterclass in how an inexpensive idea can generate great results.

2. Beckham Projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover in his Underwear

We don’t need to explain the reasons as to why this made the cut – who doesn’t want to see Becks in his kecks? But we think the combination of two British icons was a stroke of genius from H&M and definitely succeeded in gaining plenty of attention and deserved coverage.

It certainly offset the lack of sun and heated up the British summer nicely!

3. Train Commuters become James Bond

Coke Zero created an incredible 007 experience right in the middle of the Antwerp Central Train Station in Belgium, offering unsuspecting commuters the chance to win tickets to an exclusive screening of the new James Bond film, Skyfall, by getting them to unlock their inner 007.

In order to win the tickets, the commuters had to get to a certain platform at the other end of the station in a Bond-esque race against time. In the 70 seconds they were given to achieve the mission, they were confronted with a range of funny and very ‘Bond’ themed obstacles, including a beautiful Bond girl and the classic two men moving a pane of glass scenario.

Although the stunt does look like it might have been staged, it’s a clever idea and fun to watch, with the video receiving almost four million views on YouTube within a few days prior to the premiere of the film. All beautifully done, in slick 007 style!

4. Ultimat Vodka Window Washers invite Overworked New Yorkers for a Drink

White-collared professionals are particularly difficult to grab the attention of during their long and busy days. Ultimat Vodka overcame this by going to direct to the place where they spend the majority of their time, high-rise office buildings, and encouraging desk-bound workers to take a break and have a drink.

Dressed in business suits, professional window cleaners appeared at the windows of offices in New York and proceeded to act out a ‘Love Actually’-style card conversation. The aim of the lofty invitation was to persuade them leave the office to go outside and relax with a free drink of Ultimat Vodka.

If the video is anything to go by, the target market was certainly affected by the stunt, with office dwellers high fiving in excitement!


5. Abercrombie and Fitch Models ‘Call Me Maybe’ Music Video

One of the catchiest songs of the summer + male A&F models + camera phones = successful viral video. Need we say more?

It’s obviously the song that drew our attention to this stunt, not in any way the chiselled good looks of the shirtless men!


There are hundreds more great PR stunts out there… Let us know if you have any more which are of particular favourites!