Sochi 2014 – PR Own Goal for Putin

By Beci Fuller

10 February 2014

Sochi 2014 has been dubbed the first ever digital Winter Olympics, which means there is no hiding under an igloo or a KGB alien, for example!

If ever the wider world needed a reminder that honesty in communication is the only option, especially in 2014, this week’s explosive cover up of the five ring Russian fraud is set to feature in many a university text book for years to come.

Ok our media (and quite of few of us on Facebook and Twitter!) love the fact we caught the Russians out and the Daily Mail is still (two days later) featuring Putin watching the fraud live on TV!

I think it is sad that modern day Russia is not honest enough with its nation to accept that mistakes happen and show their own people the four ring light up.

Perhaps it would have been better to adopt the British mentality of “always look on the bright side of life!”

Does it really matter? No one died (as far as we know!) and now the cover up has gone viral on the social airwaves and the world is literally laughing at the hosts for covering up the glitch to their own people.

Before we get too self-righteous, however, let’s not forget that three weeks before our very own 2012 games our media attacked the countdown to the games in every way possible, from security to ticketing and yet what do we remember? I for one look back at a fantastic global event that put pride back into brand Britain.

At Hatch we are all loving the winter Olympics and Jenny Jones’ triumph over the weekend was fantastic. So we urge all to forgive the opening indiscretion and enjoy the action – as well as Alan Davies’ comedy diary show – because ultimately it’s all about human achievement and entertainment! Where else can you celebrate four guys throwing themselves down an icy mountain in a steel can?