Scunthorpe’s Lost That Loving Feeling, Make Sure Journalists Don’t

By Natalie Owen

13 February 2013

Walking into a supermarket today, I was blinded by a wall of red to which I rolled my eyes. Most people may find this strange to come from someone of the fairer sex, but I find nothing more pointless than Valentine’s Day. But before you judge, let me explain: I am from Scunthorpe.

The MailOnline reported this week that Scunthorpe was named the most unromantic place in the UK in a recent survey Great PR for, bad PR for the males of Scunthorpe, who will no doubt be undertaking some ‘Crisis Comms’ this weekend on the glass dance floor of ‘The Brit’. And they said romance in Scunthorpe was dead?

However, creative chat up lines are rife in the industrial garden town and us PR’s could really learn something from the sirs of Scunny. As an industry we love nothing more than an key calendar date, but if you are looking to sell in a consumer story this week you are up against the vast majority of your fellow peers. So, like the males of North Lincs, put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to be bold and make sure the lines in your press releases really stand out from the crowd.

PR’s are like journalists’ secret admirers. We shower them with press releases, products and sometimes it may even be said that we stalk them. But when they are receiving the same sentiments over and over, you can see why they aren’t returning your calls.

So, with your hearts and flowers head on, think about what would make you choose you and your release as a potential suitor for a story ahead your fellow PR friends? Red roses may look pretty but they are a given, as is a press release with just the word ‘Valentine’s’ inserted into the headline. Think vast, think vibrant and offer something that will make journalists everywhere want to be your Valentine.

As for Scunthorpe, truth be told, there is no love on the horizon, just a Steel Works. Word of advice though boys, take her for stroll around Central Park not the blast furnaces.