By Natalie Owen

17 October 2018

Soon after I first started with Hatch at the beginning of 2017, I let slip one of the most damning phrases that has ever passed my lips: “I don’t like owt new, me.” Ever since, I have been branded the least adventurous in the office and even took home the Well done on leaving Yorkshire award during our Away Day to Rome last September – right laugh.

To give you some context, I was responding to a direct order by a fellow Hatchling; they had told me that I simply must try calamari, to which I responded: “Nah, …”

I’m not saying this widespread campaign to proliferate an image of me as a grumpy Yorkshire philistine has hit me hard or anything, but I recently upped sticks and moved to the Hatch London office – as if only to prove a point.

I’m now settled in to my fresh spot in the newly-expanded office space (we even have a window now!) on the third floor of WeWork Spitalfields. After a few long months of back and forth between the Leeds HQ and what was the soon-to-be-home London satellite, it’s been a smooth transition into full-time London life.

It’s an exciting time here at the agency as we grow, both north of the wall and in the south. We have recently started working with Europe’s largest car-sharing platform, Drivy, who has just launched in the capital and we’re looking forward to a busy few months ahead working with our clients to spread their message. The Rugby League World Cup set to announce its host cities in January for the 2021 tournament, Hisense has Black Friday within its sights and the Christmas rush for all clients is already well underway.

And yes, a football fan has already taken issue with my accent but that is a story for another time.