My time at Hatch

By Natalie Owen

24 September 2014

Sadly our lovely year-long intern Molly has completed her placement with us and headed back to University to finish her degree. Here’s what she thought of her time with us.

12 months on and it’s coming to an unfortunate end….

I first started at Hatch with little knowledge and experience of the PR industry having only had work experience in one agency prior. I’m now leaving a much more informed, knowledgeable and experienced person and I’m ready to finish my degree with a flourish.

Reading back through old emails from my first few days at Hatch, I was actually really surprised at how far I have come in my time here.

One major thing I’ve realised is that a placement is SO beneficial.

It’s 100% worth completing as I have learnt, grown and realised so many things I never thought I would. For example, what elements of PR I’m best at, what type of PR I will look to get into, the difference between trade and consumer PR, the difference between agency and in-house work, and importantly, specific areas I might want to explore after university such as food-related PR. It’s really helped me answer a lot of these questions (it also looks great on your CV to future employers, as it shows you can actually do the job!).

I am definitely going to miss the guys at Hatch and especially some of the clients Hatch have blessed me with working with. Who would have thought 12 months ago that I’d know so much about bunny rabbits and small furries – but thanks to Burgess Pet Care, I think I’m almost qualified to be a Vet! Learning more about nutrition, different types of cheese and now knowing far too much on the waste and recycling industry thanks to 707, I am taking a bank of knowledge with me.

Going back to university is going to be very strange. After getting myself into the ‘working life’ routine, waking up at 7am every day, preparing myself for the 8 hour day ahead on the bus and having my porridge at my desk while I trawl through my emails will, strangely, be missed! I never thought I’d see the day I looked forward to doing all those things, but leaving today has made it a reality – I love work, who’d have thought!

Overall, I’ve definitely changed as a person during my time at Hatch. I’ve learnt so much, made some amazing friends and finally decided what I want to do with my life after university – I think that makes it a massive success by the sounds of things!