It’s New Job O’Clock!

By James Hickman

23 January 2014

So, you landed your dream job fresh out of University, with that big corporate agency that everyone wants to work for. Granted the salary was a bit crap, but there was a promise that after three months to a year you wouldn’t be sat in a darkened corner pulling together cuttings books, you’d be attending the most lavish PR functions and definitely/maybe/perhaps the MD would actually know your name!

A year has now past and you’re still doing the stuff no one else wants to do. You’ve thought about moving on, but they have said that there is the potential to actually go to a client meeting and if you hang on just that little bit longer they’ve promised you that inflationary pay rise that was talked about six months ago.

Lets face it, you’re not holding out much hope for that pay rise and the chat with Leighton, the MD’s mate who’s a “bit too friendly”, really doesn’t count as a client meeting.

Luckily for you Hatch are recruiting and, much like a PR Chuck Norris, we are here to kick the living crap our of your malaise and carry you heroically over the threshold of our wonderful independent agency.

We’re passionate about what we do, we have a great team and even more importantly, we are expanding!

We want to give someone the opportunity to shape their own career, grow as we grow and actually work on brands that you’ve heard of.

So if you think you deserve better, are creative, passionate and willing to get stuck in then send your details to telling us what you do, what you love and why you are right for us.

Alternatively, you can continue inhaling the fumes from the spray mount, being called *Ian by the MD and crying yourself to sleep at night.

*If you are named Ian, replace with Margaret.