Hatch’s Top Tips For Creativity

By James Hickman

23 May 2014

An American study was published in the Daily Mail recently stating that going for a walk could be a great way to come up with that killer idea.
Researcher Dr Marily Oppezzo conducted a series of experiments where people undertook tests in creativity, such as playing word association games, while walking or while sitting at a desk. In one experiment, the volunteers came up with twice as many clever ideas when walking!
Here at Hatch, we spend every day in the creative coup and ideas bounce off the walls. However, we decided to try and figure out the best ways in which we could get those creative juices flowing further and come up with some pitch-winning ideas.

• Well, as the study shows, pacing or walking around is a good way to get your brain working more creatively.

• We have regular creative sessions at Hatch, but some of our team think that the best ideas come into our heads after we’ve had a sleep (this doesn’t happen in the office unfortunately!) and some even think they come up with top thoughts when dreaming; perhaps hammocks at Hatch should be our next purchase!

• A few of the team suggested different locations they can spark the imagination. These included: in the car, on the train, in waiting rooms and in the park; but the majority of us said we think most on the loo!

• Surprisingly, times we think the most and become most creative is when we’re already busy doing something else. For example, when cooking, when swimming or when playing football. We think this is probably because your mind is already working a lot, so subconsciously the creative part of your brain can’t help but get involved.

Each to their own, but I think sitting down with a nice cuppa and a chocolate biscuit is a great way to get your mind working! Can someone put the kettle on?