Hatching into the PR Scene

By James Hickman

07 September 2012

So, my first week at Hatch: I was told that I’d probably never use anything I’d learnt in my MA (£8,500 well spent then); found myself on three accounts before lunchtime on Monday; was in my first meeting Tuesday and pretty much settled in by Wednesday.

A massive benefit of starting your career in a smaller agency is that you’re thrown in at the deep end and quickly realise if you’re going into the right field for you. Luckily the Hatch team are a great group of buoyancy aids for those awkward times in your first week when you’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing.

All those months of chasing them for a job after their guest lecture at Leeds Uni were worth it because I think I’m going to love working here. Although I still have a lot to learn (I apparently need to drastically up my tea intake and develop weird food habits) I already feel valued in the company and just hope that they like me!