Do the Hatch team give a toss about Pancake Day? You’d better believe they flipping do.

By James Hickman

12 February 2013

It’s Shrove Tuesday… a serious day and hot topic of conversation in the Hatch office, as we debate the best pancake recipes, toppings and fillings! Traditionally a day where you use up fatty foods before Lent, it’s now an excuse to pour chocolate, syrup and other such delights all over fried batter and eat to your heart’s content. With half the office giving up chocolate for lent this year (again), the team want to make sure they get their fill of naughty treats today.

Here are the Hatchlings favourite Pancakes…

Jason doesn’t do sickly sweet, as his favourite pancake is the meaty kind… filled with juicy duck and plum sauce (he has to go all ‘posh’ on us!!). Not sure how many he will manage, but we can’t see him being too good at flipping… especially if his football skills are anything to go by!

Kirsty thought long and hard about her choice for this evening, and she decided that it’s always best to go thick and American, with spoonfuls of Nutella, peanut butter and chopped up banana. Loosely rolled like a carpet. With all the above fillings, she can only handle around three pancakes and then she is out! Kirsty is always good with her hands, and prides herself on being ‘born to flip’. Her Top Flip Tip – bend from the knees, flip from the elbow and never ever take your eye off the pancake.

Charley loves her pancakes when they are thin and floppy, smothered in lemon juice and sugar! She is a one-flip kind of gal (with a little spatula help), but no good at full blown flipping and can only manage a measly 2 or 3 pancakes.

Holly is always eating spoonfuls of peanut butter, so it was not a surprise when she stated that the best pancakes are those filled with peanut butter and Nutella. Thin and rolled up like crepe. She wouldn’t even want to hazard a guess at how many she could eat in one serving, but given the fact she is giving up chocolate tomorrow, she is thinking that over ten wouldn’t be unachievable!

Matt’s pancake skills certainly aren’t as good as his acclaimed ‘goalie’ skills, as he passes the flipping over to anyone else who may be around to help. He likes his served best thin and crispy with lots of syrup! He is going to take Holly on for the pancake eating challenge, but we don’t think he stands a chance…

Amanda is dreaming of the pancakes she had nearly every morning in Australia… they were thick and round, piled high, over-loaded with maple syrup and topped with chopped up banana (just to make them a little more healthy!). She will be attempting to re-create these this evening, but admits her flipping skills aren’t great at all, so who knows where they will end up…

Lexi loves them thin and floppy (but only in this context!) and topped high with Nutella – she believes it’s the only way! Tonight, she will be aiming to enjoy around five pancakes, as it’s the only day of the year you can have dessert as an entire meal. She likes to think she’s a top flipper, but she normally only manages to land them folded over because she states she clearly hasn’t got great wrist action.

Tom always goes for a classic thin pancakes, with lemon and sugar… as our true Yorkshire lad, we were surprised he didn’t fancy them sloshed in gravy! He prides himself on his mad tossing skills and lives by the line of ‘pile ‘em high’ and he’ll easily demolish them.

Lesley doesn’t like pancakes (we find this very hard to believe), so there is going to be no flipping in her household this evening! Maybe she will treat herself with something else a bit naughty…

The Hatch team are certainly going to be getting busy in the kitchen this evening – how will you eat yours?