Hats of to Becks

By James Hickman

17 May 2013


News that football’s playing icon is to hang up his boots is, in my humble view, a sad day for the game.

The carefully worded announcement brought back memories of my work for the first ever England sponsor, Green Flag, and a shy floppy haired youth, who I managed to get to wear a Green Flag branded top at his first England training camp and even a t-shirt emblazoned with a phone number promoting ticket sales to an Old Trafford England International!

Oh how times have moved on and credit to him.  He is now a PR god, a global brand, statesmen, celebrity dad, role model all rolled into one.

In a world dominated by earned media, the brands associated for his image H&M, Police sunglasses, Samsung, Pepsi and of course the 2012 Olympic bid itself, profited and succeeded in massive global reach.

In a game where fans are tribal and loyalties divided, his image makers have scored a perfect PR success by ensuring everyone loves David, and hats off to them for making him one of the best known and liked celebrities on the planet!

The reference and thanks to Simon Fuller, the mastermind behind his PR and image, in yesterday’s retirement speech further demonstrates the influence of communications advice on his off-the-field career – one I’m sure will now go to the £100m next level.

Kudos for using good advisors, at least David has the sense to listen to good advice from the professionals and his formidable wife!

Roll on brand Beckham.